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Zumedix, LP

Seattle, WA

David A. Saperstein, MD

Our Technology

An observation was made by Zumedix co-founder, Professor Eric Brown, that some compounds could kill bacteria in vivo, but were not effective in killing bacteria under standard in-vitro testing conditions. An investigation looking for the reason for this difference resulted in a new discovery revealing that a naturally occurring, ubiquitous compound found in human tissue can enhance or diminish the antibiotic properties of many approved and novel antibiotic compounds.  The cellular mechanisms responsible for this effect were elucidated.  Through manipulation of the concentration of the enhancing agent mixed with some FDA approved compounds show dramatically increased abilities to kill microorganisms.

About Us

Zumedix, LP is developing new platform technology that can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of novel and previously approved topical antimicrobials to better treat common and antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria and fungus species.

Zumedix Team

Eric Brown, PhD

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

David A. Saperstein, MD 

Founder and Chief Executive Officer